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Mar 01, 2017 · Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Fears about things like monsters and the dark are normal in young children. Performance worries, such as nerves about giving a presentation at school, are more common in older kids. Red flags: Excessive worry, fear and dread about grades, friendships, family matters or doing well in activities, such as sports..

Anxious children may be clingy, startle easily, cry or have tantrums, sleep poorly, and have headaches or stomachaches. But anxiety is not all bad. “It can motivate us, or help.


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Approximately 40 percent of children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) also have an anxiety disorder (Steensel, Bögels, & Perrin, 2011). Anxiety can exacerbate symptoms of ASD making communication and social interactions increasingly difficult. ... If you suspect your child is experiencing an anxiety disorder, it is important to identify which behaviors stem from. Nov 01, 2022 · Anxiety disorders in children are characterized by irritability, nervousness, excessive worrying, shyness, sleep problems, and/or physical symptoms, such as headaches or digestive issues. Kids are greatly affected by what’s happening in the world around them..

Jul 17, 2020 · An anxiety disorder may interfere with a child’s ability to engage in day-to-day activities, such as going to school, socializing, or maintaining relationships. The Anxiety and Depression....

Anxiety and Depression in Children. Many children have fears and worries, and may feel sad and hopeless from time to time. Strong fears may appear at different times during development. For example, toddlers are often very distressed about being away from their parents, even if they are safe and cared for. Although fears and worries are typical ....

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